Cocoa Housing Authority encourages all Section 3 businesses to solicit business opportunities with us.

A Section 3 Business is defined as:

  •  51% or more is owned by Section 3 residents*, or
  • At least 30% of its permanent full-time employees are current Section 3 residents*, or were Section 3 residents within 3 years of the date of first employment with the business, or
  •  Provided evidence of a commitment to subcontract in excess of 25% of the dollar award of all subcontracts to be awarded to businesses that meet the qualification set forth in the two previous categories.

A Section 3 resident is defined as a Public Housing resident of an individual who resides  with Brevard County and whose family income is below


the following limits.

Persons in Household:      1                   2                  3                  4                 5

Low (80%)-Income:     $36,000    $41,500     $46,700    $51,850    $56,000

Persons in Household:      6                   7                  8

Low (80%)- Income:    $60,150    $64,300      $68,450